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How to Create Black Walls in Plan Views

Updated: Aug 13

1. Select a Plan view from the project browser

2. Open the Visibility Graphics Override dialogue box. This can be done using–

a. VV or VG keyboard shortcuts

b. View Tab – Graphics Panel – Visibility Graphics button

c. View Properties under Graphics Heading – click edit button next to Visibility Graphics.

3. Make sure you are in the Model Categories tab and then scroll down the list under visibility until you find Walls.

4. Under the "Cut" Heading, select the "patterns" override box to reveal the word override where values can be modified. Click override to change the cut pattern for Walls.

5. In the Fill Pattern Graphics dialogue box change the foreground pattern to Solid fill and colour to Black, then click OK to confirm.

6. Back at the Visibility Graphics override box for the plan view, click ok to accept changes.

7. You will notice ALL walls in the view have changed to Black.

Note: To change the visibility settings for a specific part of a categorised element, you can expand the category using the plus symbol, to the left of the name to access the subcategories which can be modified independently.

These steps also work in section views!


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