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How to Create Grids

Updated: Aug 13


1. Select a Plan view from the project browser.

2. To activate the Grid command you can;

a. go to the Architecture Tab – Datum Panel - Grid button

b. Use the shortcut GR to activate grid Command

3. Click in the model window to specify a starting point for the grid line, then click to place a second point for the end of the grid line.

Note: you can specify whether a bubble head will show at the first point, second point or both, from within the grid type properties (changes will take effect when you create a grid line after the properties are set).

Note: Grid lines can be created both vertically and horizontally.


4. To modify the grid line, firstly, select it. You will notice 2 check boxes at each end of the grid line. These check boxes control whether the grid line bubble head will show or not. A ticked box means the head will display at that side.

5. To resize the grid line, click the empty circular grips that appear next to the grid line head. The grips can be manipulated to increase/decrease the grid line size.

6. To copy a Grid line:

a. Select an existing grid line to activate the modify grid contextual tab, click the copy tool button from the modify panel.

b. Use the CO shortcut to activate the copy command before or after selecting the grid line you want to copy.

Note: when copying an existing grid line, you will must pick a reference point within the model window, then specify the direction and distance the copied object will be located from the reference point.

7. To quickly alter the distance between grid Lines you can select the grid line you want to move, then change the number shown in the temporary dimension. This will control the distance between the grids

8. Rename grids by selecting the grid line and either;

a. Change the name in the grid bubble head

b. Change the name of the grid via the grid properties palette

9. Each newly created Grid will be given a name that increases incrementally either Numerically or Alphanumerically.

Note: Revit will remember the last numerical or alphanumerical name used and will use the next increment for the following bubble head.

So remember to rename grid lines where necessary!


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