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A Closer Look at Material Assets

Updated: Aug 13

Add and modify information associated with Revit Materials via the Material editor under the Asset tab headings, these contain specific properties related to each Asset.

You can have up to 5 assets for materials. If the physical and thermal assets are not available these can be added via the plus sign next to the asset tabs.

The assets available are as follows:

Identity – contains properties to define descriptive information, product information and Annotation Information that can be extracted via tags and keynotes.

Graphics – Appearance settings for the material when shown in hidden line, shaded and consistent colours view. use different fill patterns and colour settings to show materials in these views.

Choose whether the material will have the same, or a different graphical representation to its rendered appearance through the shading options.

Appearance – settings that control the Realistic, Rendered and Ray trace material appearance in views. The material appearance settings define how the material will exhibit textures, reflectance, self-illumination and colour.

Physical – properties used to define material information used for structural analysis.

Thermal – properties used to define material information related to Energy analysis.


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