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How to Create a Material

Updated: Aug 13

1. Navigate to the Manage tab – Settings Panel and click on the Materials Button

2. In the Materials Browser dialogue box notice a list of available materials on the left and associated properties for the selected material displayed on the right via the material editor.

3. You have the option of creating a material from new or from a duplicate using the button shown below.

4. To create a new material from scratch, select the create new material option.

5. A new material will be added to your project library as a ‘Default New Material’. (you can then right click on the material to see the shortcut menu where you can modify the name as well as carry out some additional actions.) Rename the material if necessary.

6. Make amendments to the Asset material properties by selecting the material editor asset tabs, where you can add specific information for Identity, graphics and the material appearance.

7. If needed add additional assets to materials for physical and thermal properties by using the plus sign to the right of the asset tabs.

8. By default the class for the new material is set to ‘Generic’. This can be modified by selecting a different class using the dropdown menu.

9. Continue to add additional information for the remaining Identity fields such as Description, Comments, Manufacturer, Model etc.

Note: when information is added in the material Identity data fields, you must use a material tag to extract this information for your annotation.


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