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How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated: Aug 13

1. There are many ways to access the keyboard shortcuts menu in Revit, you can:

a. Activate the File Tab menu and click on Options at the bottom right of the file menu.

Click on User Interface from the Options dialogue box. Under the 'configure' heading, find the keyboard shortcuts button.

b. Within the View tab, on the far right of the tool ribbon click on the User Interface button to reveal the dropdown list. At the bottom of the list you will see the keyboard shortcuts button.

c. Type ‘KS’ on the Keyboard to activate the Keyboard Shortcuts menu.

2. To Find Active Shortcuts, In the Keyboard Shortcuts dialogue box, you can find commands either by:

a. Using the Search Box to find a command by name

(Use the Filter to help you refine your search)

b. Selecting the command from within the Assignments list.

Scroll through the list until you find the command you want.

Tip: You can sort the Assignments list by Command, Shortcuts, or Paths by selecting the heading in the list. Lists will be ordered alphanumerically from A-Z or Z-A.

3. To Assign Keyboard Shortcuts:

a. Select the Command from the Assignments list and use the box next to ‘Press new keys:’ to type the letters for the shortcut.

b. Click ‘Assign’ to apply the shortcut.

You can remove a shortcut and reassign it to another command using the remove button.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts can be imported and exported as .xml files so you can use them on multiple machines!

Download the FREE handy list of keyboard shortcuts below!

Revit Keyboard Shortcuts
Download PDF • 330KB


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