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How to Create Phases

Updated: Aug 13

1. Navigate to the Manage tab – Phasing Panel and click on the Phases Button

2. In the Phasing dialogue box make sure you are in the project phases tab. Notice there are 2 phases by default. (Existing and New Construction.)

3. Create new phases by clicking on ‘Before’ or ‘After’ to insert a new phase in relation to the existing highlighted phase. (Any phases you add can be renamed by clicking in the name of the new phase.)

4. Combine earlier or later phases if they need to merge by using the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons under the ‘Combine with:’ heading.

5. Create phase filters to control what should be displayed and how they should be shown based on New, Existing, Demolished and Temporary phase settings.

6. Add New phase filters if needed and delete unnecessary filters using the ‘New’ and ‘Delete’ buttons.

7. Graphic overrides can be set to control how objects will show in projection or when cut after they are allocated a project phase in the properties palette.

8. Click OK to return to the Model Window.

9. Select an object in the model. In the properties palette scroll down to the phasing heading, choose the phase that the object is created in and choose when it should be demolished if applicable.

In the example above, the table is created in the 'New Construction' phase and not demolished.

10. To choose what should display in the view, activate the view properties by clicking on a blank space in the model window, outside of the model. Scroll to the phasing heading and under phase filter; choose which filter should be displayed.

11. In properties palette under the 'phasing' heading, choose the current phase for the view.

In this example the phase for the view is now set to existing so only elements created within or before this phase will be shown.

Note: Objects that were created;

  • Before the current phase will be shown as existing

  • In an earlier phase and deleted in the current phase are shown as demolished.

  • In the current phase and not demolished will be shown as new.

  • In the current phase and demolished in the same phase are shown as temporary.


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