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How to Create Rule-based Filters

Updated: Oct 4

Rule-based filters are a great way to isolate elements that meet specified conditions based on their properties, by using definitive rules.

Filters can be used to quickly highlight specific elements and make them easier to identify in your model.

1. To create a filter you must first activate the filters dialogue box by either:

a. Navigating to the View tab, graphics panel, then select the "Filters" button.

b. Using keyboard shortcut "VG" or "VV" to open Visibility Graphics Overrides and Select the Filters heading then click on "Edit/New" button.

Once activated, the filters dialogue box will show.

On the left of the filters dialogue box, under the filters heading, you will see the existing filters with a range of modification buttons beneath them.

2. Click on the “new” button underneath the Filters heading section to create a new filter.

This will open the Filter name dialogue box where you can name your new filter.

Note: it is important that you name your filter appropriately, so you can easily identify it and its purpose.

3. Accept the default name given, or specify a new name for the filter.

Once created it will be added to the list of available filters.

Note: If there is an existing filter that you want to modify, you can:

a. Copy an existing filter, by clicking on the "Duplicate" button.

This will copy the filter properties and any rules associated with it.

b. Rename an existing filter.

Select the filter in the list then click the "Rename" button.

The existing name for the filter is displayed next to "Previous".

Enter the new filter name in the box below. Click OK to confirm.

c. Delete an unwanted filter, by using the "Delete" button.

4. Once you have created a new filter, choose the categories the filter will be applied to.

5. Select one or more disciplines from the filter list to define the categories available for the filter.

Note: You can also hide categories by using the "Hide un-checked" categories check box. (At least one category must be selected).

6. Once you have selected one or more categories for the filter, set the rules or conditions that must be met for the filter to be applied.

Note: You can choose to add AND as well as OR conditions to your filters. AND rules must be true and OR rules are optional.

Use the "Add Set" button to apply AND with OR conditions in the same filter rule.

You can choose whether to use an AND or an OR condition in the added set.

Remove any additional sets from your filter rule using the red cross (delete) button.

Additional rules can be added to the filter using the "Add Rule" button.

Unwanted rules can be removed using the red minus button.

Note: Rules help to add additional definition to the filter so either all the criteria must be met using the AND condition, or by using the OR condition where it is optional to meet the criteria for the rule or filter.

7. Once you have chosen the condition, choose rules for the filter.

A list of parameters related to the chosen category will display to the right of the category name.

When multiple categories are chosen using the AND condition, only parameters related to both categories will show.

If the OR condition is used, you can decide which category to specify for each rule.

8. After you have chosen the parameter for the rule, select an operator to refine the conditions. These are needed to set specific conditions for the rule.

Note: Only objects that are available in your project will be shown in the parameter value box.

9. Once you have specified all the rules and criteria that must be met for the filter, confirm the rule and settings by clicking "OK". Use "Apply" to accept changes but remain in the dialogue box.

To cancel the process, use the "Cancel" button.

Great! now you know how to create your own rule based filters!

Need to know how to apply the filter? See How to Apply A Rule Based Filter


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