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How To Duplicate A Material

Updated: Aug 13

1. To duplicate materials you can:

a. Select an existing material that closely matches the material you want to create from within the project materials list. Right click to reveal the shortcut menu then click ‘Duplicate’.

b. Select an existing material from the project list, click on the icon as shown below, then select the ‘Duplicate Selected Material’ option.

2. Once duplicated, you will notice that a copy of the selected material will be created with a number in brackets (as shown below).

3. Material properties, Asset information and Class will be duplicated from the source material. within the 'Appearance' asset tab, you can see how many Assets are shared via the icon beneath the asset tabs in the Material editor.

4. Disassociate the asset information from the source material by either replacing or duplicating the asset. this will allow you to make independent changes without overwriting the source material properties.

Replace asset information by clicking on the button (as shown below) which will allow you to select a new asset for the material.

5. A dialogue box will open up the Asset Browser. Select an Asset from the list to replace the current asset.

Use the button to the right of the asset name to replace the existing asset information. (as shown below)

6. Once selected close the asset browser to see the new asset information.

7. In the Appearance asset tab, Use the duplicate button (the icon showing below) to duplicate the asset.

This will create a copy of the asset and add an incremental number in brackets, to help identify the duplicate.

8. Use the information section within the asset settings to rename the Asset, add a description and any keywords to help you find it in the material search bar.

Add more definition to the Material information from within the different fields within each asset tabs (see 'A Closer Look at Material Assets')

Unwanted assets can be removed from the material asset tabs when you see the delete icon (shown below). This button will allow you to remove the selected asset tab.


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